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More than a year passed since my last album, 111. The best I can describe all that time between then and now is simply “frustration”. It continues to linger, and you know what, I have no clue of what’s going on with me not only as an artist but as a person too. I am having a very hard time to fit into anything that’s going around me. I am pretty much lost and I am struggling to see past the mist.

During my little tour in north America, I kept questioning myself whether I am honest with my music. It seemed that all the great artists I played with, had much more soul, freedom and external support, much that I could never achieve of. I wondered why I can’t be as relaxed as they are. Why can’t I play as fluid, improvised and beautiful as them? Why it all seems easy on their side? On which side am I?

Further and further I drifted away from the confidence that I recently used proud. I decided to stop doing live shows, rest from music in general and to start learning fresh new things. For the next six months I lived in my own created dream where I was this ambitious video game designer. Well, as you see, that dream didn’t materialized even though I tried as hard as possible. I attempted to recruit other people into my new fantasy however, I am not sure if it’s due to the fact that I can’t pay people money or my own person and naivity, it didn’t really work out. My new, groundbreaking, musical game is only a few hundred lines of code as of now. Yes, I am impatient but this doesn’t mean that everything that I touch should have this weird “fail” aura around. I love to work on things long and hard. But I am starting to hate that feeling that I am alone, trying to push push but nothing significant ever happens. Same realizaton applies to my music.

Well, good part of my dreaming was that I learned quite a lot of Javascript and general programming paradigms. I am not afraid of C anymore. I implement creative algorithms into my music. I can design & develop simple websites. I fell in love with databases. I built an arduino & raspberry pi powered indoors garden.

“So what”, I hear Miles Davis trumpeting away. Yes, exactly, so what, that’s what I am thinking. All of this hacking and playing around has led me into a brick wall. I am looking at this wall and have no clue if I can climb it. Probably not. Can I break a hole in it by trying very very hard? People say yes, keep on doing it while I have no more energy left…

It’s a beautiful summer here, people are having good time with their friends, drinking beer at park. I just went through a couple of intensive weeks of making new music because I found a gram of inspiration and sort feel good about making another album. However this heavy feeling of having no place hits me hard again and here I am, writing all of this crap. I keep repeating to myself “who cares?” despite secretely hoping that there is someone who can help me, guide me, work with me. Someone who believes in my creativity.

Drunk, homeless guy comes and sits  next to me on a bench I am sitting on right now. I hear the irony.

Anybody out there?

my new album 111 is here!!!

Do you remember how did it start? That was quite a while ago…

On 21st of November, 2010 I embarked on a journey to create a new album in 111 days. Little did I know that the path will be so rocky. My closest friends know that I nearly went mental going through the whole experience, however I am all fine now, happier than ever. As 111 was my first crowdfunding experiment, I am definitely going to write more about the process later, I think I have some helpful tips for you, fellow artist ;>

Anyway, the most important thing is that 111 is complete and those who supported the project financially may have already received their rewards – I shipped all of them last week ;> Now, finally, I want to shout “YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!” as loud as possible releasing 111 to everyone in the world! It’s licensed under Creative Commons so feel free to share, that will make me extremely happy. If you want to support my work you can pay whatever you feel the album is worth. Also, I got few USB token packages left for the most eager eleven tigers fans ;>

Grab your copy here, then share share share!

The best part is that the whole 111 video is up on Youtube for everyone to watch, yay!

Thanks everyone who made this possible, love you!!!

111: current state

Almost half of the time given to find 11 wandering tigers has already passed. I am still very excited about the final event, which will take place 11 March, 2011 and will be live streamed online. However, with the current pace of the crowd-funding process, the goal of the whooping £5500, that needs to be raised to produce all of the project’s deliverables, will not be reached in as short as another 50 days.

Naturally, I don’t want 111 to fail so I sat and thought of what could be done. Although I would love to see the release of 12” vinyl LP that was set to feature selected tracks from 111 final event, I will have to, unfortunately, leave it out in order to proceed with the project. Basically, this is due to the fact that the vinyl is quite costly to produce and, therefore, it would be undoable with the resources I would have by the deadline of 111.

All of the people who donated have received a detailed explanation of what happens with their donations. The generous patrons who donated £35 or more will receive full or partial refunds depending on their choice (please, check your email ;> .)

There are millions of lessons that I learned from 111 and once 111 ends I will write a long post about  the whole crowdfunding experience. After all, I am very happy with the current state of the project and I will continue working hard in order to make it awesome… Thanks a lot for your support!




can’t believe it started already

I’ve been continuously working towards starting my own little crowdfunding/collaborative effort and it is a reality now! It’s so exciting to watch it unfolding and I hope you going to enjoy it too. Without too much muttering, I present you 111:

realms of madness

ok, I am feeling a bit awkward now as my last post up here was quite a long time ago. newsletter is quiet too. so what’s going on? well, one of the reasons is university which sucks up most of my time as I am doing my final year there. however, there is a nice correlation going on between uni and eleven tigers. all I can tell you now is that in few weeks time I am bringing you an experience which I always wanted to do and it’s going to be amazing…

Also, I am a bit busy with my live performances around Europe. My live set is where my music is at the moment and I will continue pushing it more and more. Thanks to your support and word of mouth I got some really cool bookings and I hope my live schedule will continue to thicken ;>

My next stop is Langweiligkeit Festival in Den Haag, Netherlands. I know that the venue is quite an extraordinary location, I am really looking forward to play there:

I’ll see you very soon!


anxiety, amazement, euphoria, confusion, craze, dis-location, re-location, annoyance, happiness, ecstasy, calmness, rest … back, whereat.

I’ve just summarized my experiences since ‘Clouds are Mountains’ got released. My album’s been out for two months already and it’s been amazing to watch it spread across the web and into people’s hands. I haven’t expected such a positive response and so many new listeners. To visualize this surge, here’s a chart displaying total plays scrobbled:

I am quite obsessed with statistics so it is worth mentioning that eleven tigers bandcamp registered more than 18,000 plays during those two months…

Well, all I can say is big big THANK YOU! For the first time in my life, I feel like a rabbit in YOUR headlights and I must say that I am enjoying the run! You sent me some incredibly inspiring and encouraging emails, tweets, comments and reviews, I just want to say that you guys are amazing, your support is overwhelming. I am feeling extremely creative and ready to step into a new stage of my life which, I feel, will be quite special. I will update you through my newsletter as I go along (sorry, it’s been a while – I just don’t want to bombard you with pointless news and PR) ;>

Essentially, I am coming to Satta festival in Sventoji, Lithuania and Unsound (!!!) festival in Krakow, Poland where I will be playing along many great artists (Ben Frost, Shackleton, Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie, Clouds etc.). I can’t wait and I want to meet YOU!

Once again, thanks for your support, people! Will be back very soon ;]




That’s it, I am so excited that I’ve lost all my words… ‘Clouds are Mountains’ is released! Check out the preview video below:

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go and get your early bird CD from here.

biggest thanks to everyone who supported me and waited for so long, warmest feelings ever!


folded nights

… first of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone who bought/downloaded/shared my little EP ‘Fold’. I was really delighted seeing it popping up at few blogs here, there and there, thanks guys!

I am trying  to play music more impulsively, I love to take an instrument (even if I don’t know how to play it) and explore it’s sonic beauty. sometimes it is very pleasing, sometimes is just plain bullshit. Yet, when I record my explorations I end up with plenty of material to be reused, reorganized and remixed. Last Thursday, after probably 6 hours of improv with Ben Duff, some Mazzy Star like atmosphere blew in and we ended up playing this:

here’s a hi-res mp3 of the recording:

playing live at The Croft, Bristol!

hey, this Friday is going to be really intense… come down to The Croft and hear some amazing music from bass veterans and me!

together with (Cosmin) TRG/Geiom/Julio Bashmore/Forsaken/EFA and more…

here’s a video of me rehearsing:

check in:

new collaborative space

I am excited to open a new page which will serve as an open, versatile and flexible space for ideas, updates and comments on the social sampler. help the development, get involved and we will create something really unique!

go to the social sampler page and become a collaborator by submitting your username (those who selected to become collaborators through registering can happily go editing now)…

Talk Talk re-interpreted

I cannot stress enough how much I love music of Mark Hollis and Talk Talk. It’s been my greatest inspiration ever. When I discovered them I thought I may just stop producing as Talk Talk had everything I needed. However, I am still here and today I accidentally recorded something I think might show you how I feel about Talk Talk. Or maybe not. I never wanted to touch their music as not to ruin it. Well, this evening, I was improvising and playing around live and somehow ended up bringing in the sounds of Talk Talk. Euphoria for 20 minutes.

Hear the results:

the urge to connect

firstly, update on my stupidity.

I am sorry to say this but sometime ago I have overlooked my contact page form and stupidly left wrong email address… Those messages which went through the contact form got lost in the sea of nothingness… I am really really sorry about that, you probably thought that I am pretentious bum not replying to your emails… it’s fixed now so please, don’t hesitate to message me again, it’s going to be a pleasure to reply :>

well, I would like to use this glamorous moment to invite you to register with my site. make sure you check your SPAM folder as messages from this site get tagged incorrectly.

I am setting up subscription service to offer you exclusive content. I will keep you updated about all of my creative excursions. essentially, I want to share my work, efforts and errors with you…

my long-long delayed album Clouds Are Mountains is finally being manufactured as we speak. I will be sending promo copies of the album very very soon. if you would like to get one, don’t hesitate to register, I am looking forward to connecting with you.

let’s keep synchronised.

eleven tigers

beautiful track

hey hey, I gotta post this. Don’t know if you know DZdj, I just stumbled upon his track ‘Gritty Beats’… It is incredibly lush, something really different from most of the dubstep nowadays. Have a listen and tell a friend:

Social Sampler update

I started working on the idea of a social sampler (read about it here)… Learning Max/MSP/Jitter/m4l is really exciting and rewarding – I can’t wait to integrate it into my live sets. In the meantime, check this video which documents what I’ve already achieved (not that much but anyway):

Dwell in Night